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    The go-to marketing agency for real estate and investor relations


  • The 3 Stages

    What we take our clients through

    Brand Building

    Social Media Campaigns to Build Your Brand

    We start by creating a strong social media audience and message both on your public pages and profiles. This is by getting people to trust and be aware of your brand. Photos, behind the scenes images and emotionally inviting words, will ensure people are aware of you.



    Engagement to Strengthen Relationships

    With the help of your dedicated sales director, they are responsible for engagement and growing A social media group and email list to 1000+ members in 90 days. You then start creating more specific content or experiences like live streams, webinars and even offline events.

    Sales Conversion

    Lead Generation & Results


    Using our vast amounts of experience and through the communities we have, we will help you strengthen leads and convert them into sales.


    We will follow-up with any prospects and ensure appointments have been booked in your diary and nurtured till they close.

  • Our Recent Testimonials as seen on LinkedIn

    Increasing Sales Using Social Media

    Simone Gilks

    Director of Varsity Finance Ltd

    From the moment I met with Abdul, I could appreciate not only his eloquence but his sheer ora to capture the attention of those around him.


    His ongoing professionalism and ability to adapt within any industry clearly means that both Abdul and his firm can work towards growing an audience to suit most firms, but with a particular lean towards the Property Market.


    It was therefore only a matter of time before my husband and I asked that he joins us and engages with our firm Varsity Finance, with the view to creating an impact across all social platforms and expand our clientele.


    So if you are looking to increase your audience and grow your business whilst still retaining that personal touch, then talk to Abdul and his team.

    Bart Dalton

    Wealth Manager at Temple Row Wealth Management

    Abdul "Magic" he is making things happen for our team. He has come up with something so simple even I can follow it. YET it is so good it is bringing in the audience we need. Make sure you give him your time and business. And he will make sure the Magic happens for you too.

    Qassim Ali

    Serviced Accommodation Entrepreneur

    Your expertise has been invaluable to my success.

    You understand my vision and have helped me reach heights I never thought was possible in my businesses. I can't wait for what the future holds together as we take the SA industry by storm. You have helped me bring all my ideas to life, whilst building a solid and resourceful network. Thank you for your help & I look forward to more success with you in my corner.


    Shahid Munir

    Chief Commercial Officer at The Minted App

    Abdul is a thoughtful and uniquely talented person with diverse expertise in marketing and more specifically, building online communities and capturing a target audience using social media. I would describe Abdul as an 'influencer' in the business sector who has assisted us very well with growing our online presence.

  • Looking to increase sales using social media?

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  • Hands on Sales Consultancy for the Real Estate Industry

    Reasons for joining the Etica family.

    A Sales Director accessible to you every day

    We're not an agency that just sends an invoice at the end of the month. You'll receive a dedicated sales director available to you just like a remote employee would be. The responsibility of this individual is to nurture relationships and help you generate more leads.

    Pre-Built ROI driven communities e.g London Property Community

    Especially for our B2B clients we have a database of 10,000+ business owners and real estate investors so we can generate interest and drive leads instantly.

    A hired team just for you

    In order to ensure results, we focus on hiring the best talent which is dedicated to your company. Our hiring process comes from an academy of professionals we've trained so they are ready to go and work at speed.

  • Team Etica

    We're passionate about diversity with a
    young yet experienced bunch of experts.

    Abdul Shakur

    CEO & Social Selling Expert

    An award-winning young entrepreneur having landed contracts with Pfizer, Zoho, BT & Natwest Abdul has spent a decade mastering the modern art of sales using the power of social media and communities. He specialises in raising millions in real estate private equity for property developers with a hands-on approach to building your brand and revenue.  

    Tinashe Sibanda

    CFO & Influencer Expert

    A recognised entrepreneur and startup mentor specialising in working with the numbers and people within our clients business to make things work. Tinashe's focus on sales conversion and influencer outreach allow us to manage relationships and build teams that can execute. As a CFO his focus is on managing the numbers and budgets allocated from each client.

    Sarah Khan

    Award-Winning Marketing Expert

    Sarah is an award-winning Qualified Marketing Practitioner & Specialist who has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. She specialises in training businesses to build and grow a profitable online business through specialist marketing techniques. Sarah has supported international brands from over twenty countries including Italy, UAE, India, China, USA and Australia to launch their businesses in the UK. Sarah invests her time in understanding consumer behaviour to help your business become the apple of your niche.

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