• Community Managers & Builders

    Building & managing online Communities to help Marketing & Sales Teams increase results

  • The 3 Stages

    Where are you?


    Social Media Campaigns to Build Your Brand

    We start by creating a strong social media audience and message through your content campaigns. This is by inviting your desired audience, current prospects and customers in an online community, either through a Facebook group or a community platform of your choice.



    Engagement to Strengthen Relationships

    We create engaging content based on each individual client across all platforms with a combination of online experiences and offline events to nurture and strengthen relationships with their audience.

    Community Conversion
    & Performance:

    Lead Generation & Results

    Using our vast amounts of experience and through the communities you have, we will help you strengthen leads and convert them into sales.

  • The first community management agency in the UK

    Reasons for joining the Etica family.

    In-House Community Manager taking care of Social Media & your Community

    We're not an agency that just sends an invoice at the end of the month. You'll receive a dedicated community manager available to you just like a remote employee would be.

    Creative Team

    Often we're relying on the marketing manager to come up with all the creative work. We have a team of content creators that take care of your branding, social, photography and video needs.

    Pre-Built ROI driven communities

    Especially for our B2B clients we have a database of 10,000+ business owners and real estate investors so we can generate interest and drive leads instantly.

    Full staff team on board

    We have a team of experts in their fields that don't require any external HR, operations or training. Whilst we look after ourselves, our priority is you. For the price of an internal management team, you will have a whole team in place.

    Senior Leadership Experience​

    Always on the top our game you'll get access to the leadership at all times who aren't afraid of rolling up their sleeves like it's our business. Many companies see us as a value add to their marketing department.

    Communication is our focal point

    Not only do we ensure communication is strong between our team; we keep our clients in the loop so progress is always mapped.

  • Team Etica

    We're passionate about diversity with a
    young yet experienced bunch of experts.

    Abdul Shakur

    CEO & Chief Community Manager

    Homeless to Top 100 Young Entrepreneur. Abdul comes from 10 years of building businesses in multiple industries to building global communities. Abdul's vision of the agency is to help bring the value of communities toall areas of our lives. Abdul's passion for young leaders, marketing and entrepreneurship fuels his purpose as he continues to break through glass ceilings.

    Sarah Khan

    Global Marketing & Quality Assurance

    Sarah is a Fully-Qualified Marketing Practitioner & Specialist. She specialises in training businesses to build and grow a profitable online business through specialist marketing techniques. Sarah has supported international brands from over twenty countries including Italy, UAE, India, China, USA and Australia to launch their businesses in the UK. Sarah invests her time in understanding consumer behaviour to help your business become the apple of your niche.

    Kayya Ruparelia

    Media Director

    Kayya is the media genius behind Etica. Managing the video team she has the ability to understand a client's personality and transform into a visual brand. Her years of experience in both talent management & radio allows her to bring out the positives in every situation.

    Alima Ali

    Head of Creative

    As our Head of Creative, Alima specialises in brand identity, print, digital and social design. With over 5 years experience working directly with clients and in-house studios including UK Mail and The University of Birmingham, she has a great understanding of what is required to market your brand and bring your vision to life.


    PR Manager & Copywriter

    As well as launching his own charity and having successful media campaigns on homelessness, Hugo is our in-house PR expert that does wonders in getting business owners and companies in press, written publications and on podcasts. He also has a strong track record of updating copy on websites to improve brand and sales.


    Vlog Manager

    Khadra is responsible for getting the videos out on time. Often following some of our clients around with a camera or seen editing vlogs with beautiful transitions. Khadra joined us an intern but over the past year has truly stepped up to understand our clients and show creative flair.

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