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Property Marketing Strategies During COVID-19

How to market your property business during the pandemic

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As many of you know, the property market has completely changed during lockdown and Covid-19. Even whilst the market is open again, how we market, find investors, buyer or even provide a service is no longer the same. Like many people, we attended 3-5 networking events a week, had over a dozen coffees and filled our schedule with viewings.

In this article, I’m going to share how you can adapt your business to ensure you’re replacing the effort and getting as much or more results than before the pandemic.

Focus on people you already know

Before everything went a bit crazy we played a numbers game of contacting as many people as we can and filtering through the serious vs not so serious investors. Now, anyone who has cash is in business and we can’t always be speaking to people we don’t know. So my first advice is focused on building stronger relationships with people you already know. This could be through emails, inviting them to your Instagram or even arranging a little webinar or Q&A for your current clients. This has allowed us and our clients to have better results and a more quality database.

Become a Connector

One of the quickest ways you will make new friends, connections or create a list of prospects is that you start connecting people. What do I mean by this? It’s utilising your accountant, solicitor, broker and etc and start introducing them to strangers. Not only does this make you genuinely helpful but it gives you an insight into what people are working on and their current needs. We have found people to be more receptive with this approach and also we’ve made some money from introducer fees too.

Get your databases and CRM’s more organised

There are so many great examples of CRMs or easy to use software like Hubspot or Trello to manage relationships. However, we need to take things a little step further by creating more niche audiences as well as making sure you’re setting deadlines for follow-up and notes on all your conversations. If something was to ever happen to you or you get a little busy, someone can always come in and support you.

Build a community

People are yet to understand the power of a community but in essence, it’s to get your whole network together in one centralised place so pushing out content, understanding needs and nurturing your leads become a little easier for you. A community could be a Facebook group, an email list, Instagram or even any alternative software like Slack or Telegram. If you want marketing to give you results then it’s time you look at a community and content strategy for your business.

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