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5 Ways to Increase ROI on your partnerships program

Increasing sales using social media communities

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Any business development professional or founder that wants to grow their business often rely on partnerships. However, it can be a long wait and not every partner will remain active. How do we solve this challenge and what can we do improve engagement and referral rates of partners we currently have.

1. Build a community.

Often we find that building a community is just for our clients or prospects but once you’ve identified a partner, keeping them engaged alongside other more active partners may be a great way to encourage and keep your company at the forefront of their mind. The community can be a simple Facebook group alongside a monthly meetup and a yearly conference to help them celebrate and be inspired. Also, it’s worth creating a client community so you can keep the leads they bring you engaged and nurtured giving the referral partners payouts sooner which will give them a boost of confidence.

2. Create content just for them

Onboarding a partner is a great win but in order to give them the tools to succeed it’s important that we educate them on our business, the benefits and the best way to make referrals. You can simply do this with guides, manuals and even simple infographics that help them become a more effective partner. Live interviews with successful partners also help them to stay motivated and reach out to others for advice and tips.

3. Competition and celebration

We don’t give our partners enough reward and attention. Having a leaderboard, showcasing monthly winners and putting in cool gifts only gives them more incentives to refer and stay engaged with your partnerships program.

4. Tracking and Engagement

Alongside a partners community, you also need a public community so any leads they bring in are constantly nurtured and you can track the referral in real-time by giving them updates. Having a simple form and a CRM can help you keep on top of the success of your partnerships and make it easier for you to report so that ROI can be easily demonstrated.

5. Stay on top of them with one to one follow-ups and tailored messages.

It’s okay to have a community and do everything we’ve said but without the last piece of the puzzle, the conversion may not be as high as you want it. Staying in touch whether it’s their social media or a bi-weekly call/email is a great way to keep people engaged even if they’re not active with your community efforts.

If you need a reliable team to execute on the guide and help increase ROI on your marketing and partnerships efforts, have a chat with our Founder and arrange a call via We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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