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10C's to Increasing Sales using Social Media Communities

The power of building a community for your business

· Community Management

Looking to grow your business? Have no idea where to start? These are the 10'C of increasing sales using social media which has been collected over the last 8 years of trial and error. I've purposely grouped some of them in pairs as they go hand in hand as key fundamentals.

  • Clarity & Confidence. Being clear on who you're trying to help and with what is important to understanding how you're going to position your community. Even the tone of voice as or the type of rules you might have in place. We advise all those looking to build to think about a niche audience and to understand the emotions of what inspires people, what they're afraid of and what they get frustrated by. This will ultimately give you the confidence to talk to your community and even comfortably create content for them.
  • Customer Journey & Communication. Every established business will have a manual for pretty much everything whether it be sales or HR. You also require a road map which takes your audience on a journey which empowers them to take action. Alongside this your sales and marketing strategy, your community should be bridging the gap between the two.
  • Creativity & Content. We all have a USP (Unique-Selling-Point) and it's your job to come up with creative ways by which you do not just get it across to people but it also requires you to emotionally engage individuals to create brand loyalty and feel like they have a relationship with you. This is a key fundamental that is to be consistently evolved and managed. We have content calendars to help us save time and be able 
  • Community & Consistency. Every person needs a home, so regardless of what content and tools your audience needs to be situated on one key platform (like Facebook groups or Slack) that allows them to engage and get involved. I often get asked, what if I'm not consistent in posting, a strong community won't require you to always be present. As long as you're welcoming, dropping new content and engaging it shouldn't eat into your day too heavily. If time is an issue you can always hire a community manager to take over and do most of the engagement. Lastly, you need a combination of offline and online, following our research some of the most powerful communities have a combination of both.
  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). People will jump to support you if you have a purpose in making a difference in the lives of people. Whether it's Tony Robbins feeding millions, Richard Branson giving opportunities to entrepreneurs with Virgin Startup or even you talking about mental health. This is a great way to not only leave a legacy but it's showcasing a different side of you that people don't often see.
  • Collaborations. This can be a risky one with your brand on the line. I've had my fair share of challenges but till today some of the strongest communities and people that have supported my growth has come through strategic partnerships and people who actively engage with me to deliver amazing experiences. Having preferred supplier, referral partners or experts list can help you create new content, give you more insights and even accelerate the growth of both your community and business.
  • Closing the deal. The number one conversation here is how do we ensure, we make money or sales from this. Well essentially you need to have step by step follow-up process which enables you to nurture relationships so you can get sales sooner rather than 3-6 or even 12 months down the line. Your community will help with this but the foundation derives from taking a conversation offline as soon as possible.

These are fundamentals that we've taken 100's of people through over the past 3 years. If you would like to find out how we can support you in becoming the WeWork, IKEA or Monzo of your niche, arrange a 30 mins Consultation so we can share some ideas as to how you can move forward.

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