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Social Media Guide for Charities

A Community Management Approach for Non-Profits

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Social Media Guide for Non-Profits - The Community Management Approach

Following a recent conversation on Charity Hour Twitter, we decided to go into a little more detail following our tweet. Everyone was asked what the main reasons for using social media and we were surprised that none of our suggestions was being mentioned.

In this article, we want to go into a little more detail as to how non-profits can use social media and what platform is best to increase social media results for the causes we support and work for.

Donor engagement

Charities are known for collecting data yet that data is still not engaged with on a regional or local level. The email lists are mostly under-utilised and let’s be real, how many times have you responded or come across a decent email that engages without emotion or guilt-tripping us.

One of the fulfilling needs of every human being is to feel not only that they’re making a difference but they’re part of a community of like-minded people. Groups of people across the globe come together when they believe in something, that’s why it’s time to bring people together not for fundraising but to engage and build stronger relationships. Fundraising, thanks to your community will become easier and you’re more likely to retain your donors too.

Facebook groups are really powerful. If companies like Gym Shark, Monzo and even IKEA can can use Facebook groups, why are non-profits ignoring it’s power? It’s time to take your offline experiences to the hands of your audience.

Volunteer Recruitment

Before we talk about volunteering let’s talk about who volunteers tend to be. Apart from professionals in corporate companies or senior executives, the people who keep our charities going are millennials from 16-30 who have more time on their hands before marriage and career takes over. The millennials aren’t donors but they’re amazing advocates and volunteers.

Instagram is a platform that we often look at to display or visual campaigns. However, for NGOs especially emotional post about a homeless individual who’s struggling with water won’t go down too well on Instagram. The reason for this is, that people look to Instagram to be inspired, showcase what they have and who they believe in. If we tell stories of the volunteers that empower our organisations we will only increase the results on the platform. Similarly, it’s how universities across the globe are leveraging Instagram with student takeovers and live streams from influencers.

As well as getting the audience to promote a campaign it’s a great place to sell positive stories especially transformations. Let’s look at Human of New York @humansofny as an example. He takes the everyday person and shares their story, putting a positive twist or a thought-provoking perspective.


Event Marketing


I noticed that with the rise of platforms like Meetup / Eventbrite we can now reach more people like never before. We can engage other Facebook group owners and community builders to work in partnership with the non-profit for a good cause.


However, if you have a Facebook group of volunteers and donors that spread the word and invite others - just imagine the reach that you can achieve in a short space of time. During the early days of social media, our founder would encourage volunteers to change their profile picture or banner to the event image so more people can be aware of.


PR is something that is underutilised when it comes to event marketing. We’ve seen non-profits pay for advertising time yet if each event had a conversation and an audience tweeting with a hashtag journalists and brands would be easier to engage with for free promotion or event sponsorship. Taking the stats to a brand and showcasing your reach is a great way to ensure your events continued to be sponsored and less of your budget is being used.


If you’re a charity trustee or marketing professional within non-profit then reach out to our CEO at We can provide training as well as management services to help you execute and increase your impact online.

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