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5 Advantages of Community Managers vs Social Media Managers

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It’s time to let you into a little secret, they’re not the same thing. Often these two can be very confused and it can lead to making the wrong investment decisions including hiring.

I thought about how we’re going to compare so I’ve broken them down into 5 key areas:


  • Not just online

Whilst social media managers are everything social, you won’t see them organising events or being a connector. Some social media managers don’t have the ability to understand sales professionals or become connectors in the business to drive more results as an individual.


  • Groups & Engagement

Yes social media managers engage and create connections or focus on driving engagement. Community managers get and work within the whole ecosystem involved to facilitate discussions on platforms that aren’t just social media. There are new platforms and offline approaches that community managers use to create stronger relationships.


  • Multiple Strategies

Community Managers spend a lot of time on creating a little funnel or improving a customer journey where there’s multiple touch points. These multiple touch points may even include emails, calls, events, and even webinars.


  • Customer Facing

Marketing departments typically aren’t customer facing as much whilst community managers become a point of contact for all the customers, prospects and even partners. This results in bridging the gap between marketing and sales so you can take social selling and prospect nurturing to a whole new level.


  • Return on Investment

Marketing departments which include marketing or social media managers are very much brand awareness focus so there’s little or no pressure for them to deliver or make a real impact. Community managers end up reporting on retention, lead generation and even conversion rates.


If you want a chat about how building a community or hiring a community building agency can add value to your business then arrange a call with Abdul on

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